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Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie

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proves that the movie does not contradict the manga (and it is actually a canon material) and; to explain Naruto’s feelings (that he DID NOT fall for Hinata in the.

Just rough timeline about when stuff happend with the characters ages, please note that all novels and information are only from the copies I own. The Last Two years after the war both Naruto and Hinata recently turned 19 and is set most likely in December. Note Both Naruto and Hinata are 19 and is a few months after the last. Last epilogue Six years after last with Naruto 25 Hinata same or just coming up to it, with Boruto 5 and Himawari is 3. Boruto starts the academy Ten Years after the war and after Naruto became Hokage, so Two years after the last epilogue Boruto is 7 and Naruto Hope this clears up the timeline for all of you believe it or not the academy arc of Boruto 5 years pass during that time.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Now and forever Naruto and Hinata, and Naruto’s harem. You can find some of the best stories on the net that have Naruto and Hinata as the main pairing right hear. Any other parings are fair game as long as there not yaoi. And those that are on the staff are of some of the best writers or reviews on this site for Naruto fics. Naruto’s Queen and his Princess by Hinata Uzumaki-Uchiha reviews Naruto realized that Himawari is the ‘confident version’ of Hinata back when they were kids, and that is not good.

Hinata Hyuga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, In the making of the series, Kishimoto had decided Hinata would marry Naruto; however, the plot regarding their romance was conceived by​.

Which episode did Naruto ask Hinata out? Best Answer. Naruto never tell Hinata that he likes her. However , Hinata tells Naruto she likes him in episode , titled Confessions. Other answers Total: 17 items. Hinata was thrown around q badly, and she ‘s dying. Since she knew her time was brief, she told Naruto how she h been feeling about him for everything that time. Hinata r in 59 and plays a l role t episode Then she ‘s doingn’t r t episode and is seen t

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Weekends are really busy for me, like work, sleep, repeat. She could feel the heat under her cheeks as a constant thrum. Her fingers continuously tapped against her water glass, half the ice melted and droves of water dripping down the side forming a small puddle under the glass.

Focus: Anime/Manga Naruto, Since: You can find some of the best stories on the net that have Naruto and Hinata as the main pairing right hear. Hinata, Ino and Sakura made a pact to shun boys and romance for the remainder of.

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Naruto Shippuden Episode Dub. Episode The Shinobi Unite Subtitled. Stay connected with us to watch and get download all latest Kissanime and 9Anime on GogoAnime.

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Naruto didn’t just become Hokage , he was able to have a family of his own as well as have someone to love him unconditionally despite his flaws. Hinata was able to have her first love fulfilled and grow as a character. Throughout the anime and manga, they have shared a couple of moments that sparked the debate on whether a character as dense as Naruto would figure out.

Do you consider Naruto and Hinata (Naruto anime/manga) to be a good couple? 9, Views the nearest they come to dating, it was kind beautiful.

It’s quite amazing how manga and anime have completely taken over the world by storm with their one-of-a-kind art style and storytelling that is seldom seen in other forms of entertainment if any at all. This meteoric rise has occurred mainly through the rise in popularity of many manga and anime series that have garnered unassailable popularity, especially in the west. After all, the world and characters of Naruto have almost become synonymous with the term ‘anime’ itself well, at least for those who just have basic knowledge when it comes to this particular form of entertainment.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. When it comes to Narutofans are ride-or-die with their ships. Masashi Kishimoto may not have intended for the series to become a romantic one, but the world has created some intense OTPs for its heroes. Hinata and naruto part 1. Naruto fucks Tsunade asleep sex games. Samui keeps riding this guy even after he has cum in her!

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